Hand tests the temperature of a sick girl lying in bed

AI symptom checker

Fleming virtual assistant will ask about your symptoms and make a pre-medical diagnosis. All decisions are based on the latest medical knowledge and backed by AI algorithms.


How does the symptom checker work?

  • schedule Consults 24/7
  • assignment Collects your symptoms as a doctor would
  • assignment_turned_in Gives a pre-medical diagnosis
  • live_help Guides to the right specialists
Two phone screens: one with a health question and another with a list of possible diseases
Doctor hand comforting patient hands

When fast help is needed

Symptom checker can consult you about symptoms instantly, any time of the day. It was created for people that want to find out their possible conditions as soon as possible.

AI-based disease identification

The algorithm is created using Artificial Intelligence learning mechanisms to accurately identify diseases by symptoms and biometric parameters.

Abstraction with analysis elements