The first human-like AI for continuous psychological care

Latest advancements in NLP such as the AI21’s J1 178-billion-parameter language model allows Fleming to feel and sound like a human. A new memory system built by the Fleming team makes it the first NLP engine to have memory of previous conversations with it's users that will make it truly personal.

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Never-ending technology improvements

Trained on generated in-house data from our online therapy platform of thousands of client conversations with professional therapists and physiological data gathered on its symptom checking features, Fleming will make high-quality mental health care accessible to the masses and will continue to improve from its personal experience.

Interpreting and contextualizing
human-like conversations

Not like other chatbots that respond with pre-structured phrases, Fleming AI Therapist will communicate through an end-to-end encrypted dialogue system, ensuring one of a kind response and an individualized solution to each customer's unique emotional concern.

Natural & task-oriented
dialogue for every situation

Architecture dialogue state system’s models can process, understand, and generate a definite solution for every possible user’s situation. The natural language understanding (NLU) component extracts slot fillers from the user’s utterance and provides the information to dialogue management (DM) components, which maintain the current state of the dialogue and decide whether to answer the question, ask for further clarification, or provide a real-life solution. The response goes through a natural language generation (NLG) component, which produces a natural and sophisticated response unique to every person.

Behind the modern future
of personalized therapy

Facial expressions and other gestures convey nonverbal communication cues, which play an important role in understanding the mental and emotional state of a person. That's why Fleming's AI Therapist will employ a facial expression recognition tool to analyze a set of nonverbal characteristics derived from an input image provided by the smartphone cam. A feature extraction method based on Active Appearance Models is applied to process the input images and state-of-the-art Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) is used to model the problem. The model will then be trained on the unique database of our online psychotherapy platform, with data collected from more than 1500 psychotherapy sessions.

For all your mental health concerns

State of the art technology

A next level of mental health care driven by the most modern techniques and technology, that will always take people’s mental health a priority,

Completely anonymous

Heavy duty data security and end-to-end encryption standards to guarantee absolute privacy, security, and anonymity for all data and conversations.

Evidence-based science

Cognitive-behavioral therapy principles based technology, grounded on clinical trials & peer-reviewed research by the best clinical professionals in the field.


Mental health feels different to everyone. That's why Fleming will provide personalized guidance that will adapt and evolve together with users’ needs, making them feel unique & special, and never leaving a thing unturned.


For Fleming, every user is always the first in line. Our AI Agent will provide a personal growth journey with actionable day-to-day suggestions and continuous proactive mental health care to best suit unique user’s lifestyle.