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We - Ltd. Medical Score team believe in available, modern, and affordable healthcare. And we think that the key to this vision is technology. Our product - Fleming allows patients to reach their doctors whenever they are while equipping specialists with tools faster, seamless consulting.

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2 years vision

  • 2020 September - Project start
  • 2020 December 22 - Minimum viable product
  • 2021 March 1 - Minimum marketable product
  • 2022 September - Official launch in market
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Project funding

This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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Our partner and advisor helping to reach precision in medical and artificial intelligence topics: Vilnius University of Applied Science.

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The private medical sector has long been a luxury for a few, but with the arrival of new medical communications, we are on the way to change it.


With our text message function, patients can reach their doctors instantly. What before required a long registration process now is done with one text.

Alexander Fleming

We chose our product name to honor the physician, microbiologist, and discoverer of penicillin - the person who made a revolutionary step towards more effective medicine.

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